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Note: The majority of our client relationships are 100% confidential. The following testimonials represent a small sample of our clients’ published and bestselling titles.

Brian Baumgartner

“Thanks to the tireless support of 360 Author Solutions, especially Eric Spitznagel, who helped us piece together this jigsaw puzzle of interviews. Your prose is as beautiful as your soul.”

Celeste Fine

“I’ve enjoyed working with 360 Author Solutions on my books and appreciate their assistance in guiding me through the publishing process. My lead writer, Mike Wicks, worked closely with me to capture my voice and ensure the writing was readable and accessible.”

Tom Golisano

“It has been a pleasure working with 360 Author Solutions and his team of talented writers and editors–I highly recommend them. , The ability to work with multiple gifted writers concurrently has been especially valuable to me.”

Scott Cawthon

“Working with 360 Author Solutions and their team of bestselling ghostwriters has been a great experience all around. In addition to delivering excellent material in a timely manner, I especially appreciate their ability to adapt to demanding timelines and nonstandard processes. ”

Tim Burgard

“Thanks to the tireless support of 360 Author Solutions, especially Eric Spitznagel, who helped us piece together this jigsaw puzzle of interviews. Your prose is as beautiful as your soul.”

DJ Spinderella

“The team at 360 Author Solutions has been incredibly helpful in guiding me through the book-writing and publishing process, as well as building a great book proposal. for all your editorial support and assistance through this journey—it means a lot to have such committed partners on such an important project to me.”

Ryan Dusick

“I have worked with 360 Writers many times over the years for my memoir, fiction, book proposal, and articles. With each interaction, 360 Writers and team provided excellent editorial services. His firm offers a diverse pool of editors to choose from, which enabled me hone the type of service I was looking for. Each editor was concise and insightful, giving me constructive notes that really allowed me to take my work to the next level. ”

Norman Ollestad

“360 Author Solutions & Associates made my dream of becoming a published author a reality. When I first reached out to them, I knew nothing about the publishing business or how to write a book. A year later, I have a well-written book that perfectly captures my message and voice, I’m represented by the #1 nonfiction agent in the country, and I’ve signed a six-figure book deal with HarperCollins.

Ken Rusk

“My editor at 360 Author Solutions far exceeded my expectations in helping me get my book to the finish line. I reached out to Jessica under a tight timeline and she met the project with confidence and precision. She not only cut my 88,000-word manuscript to 76,000 words with line edits, but she also saw the big picture and made developmental edits too. ”

Jadah Sellner

“Pairing an author with the right ghostwriter is inherently fraught with built-in challenges, and these challenges cause risk for both the publisher and the author. 360 writing reduces those risks by providing a layer of expertise and oversight on the entire process of selecting, coordinating, and managing the contract writing process. ”

Jeff James

Working with 360 Author Solutions ghostwriting team was a wonderful experience from start to finish. They are clearly seasoned professionals who care deeply about their craft. We were especially appreciative of the time, effort.”

Ken Honda

“Working with 360 Author Solutions has been a pleasure from start to finish—they even accommodated my request to meet with me in Japan. My lead editor, Mary, is a truly talented editor and a joy to work with. I couldn’t have been happier with our dynamic throughout the process. ”

360 Author Solutions
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